How It Works

How Our Memory Book Process Works

Below you will find detailed descriptions of each type of role that contributes to the process of creating a personalized MyStoryMyWay memory book. Please take a moment to read through the descriptions, which will familiarize you with the process of creating or participating in constructing a book, and will introduce you to some of the terminology we use to describe the process throughout the site.


A SPONSOR can be thought of as a book project OWNER.
As a “book owner” or sponsor you will login and the system will create a code specifically for your book. The code is used by our system to ensure all answers for that code go into that particular book. You can sponsor a book for yourself or someone else as a gift and have the final book(s) shipped directly to them. After you have obtained the code, which is auto-generated for you, the system will also email you a “Welcome” email with the code and a link to the site. You can use this email to forward to family and friends to invite them to participate in the book. You can post the code on Facebook or any other method of sharing to invite participants. It does not cost anything for friends and family to participate in the book. You will choose how much time your participants have to answer the questions since you will choose the deadline for participation. Since each book has a unique code, a sponsor can "own" more than one book at a time.


A PARTICIPANT is anyone who contributes content to a book.
Participants have been invited to engage in the writing of a memory book by being sent the unique code for a specific book. Participating will not cost you anything. You will have the option at the end to purchase a copy of the book, but this is not required. Don’t worry about what to write. You merely answer the pre-set questions. You are not required to answer every question. You can always come back if you don’t complete all questions at first. The sponsor has set the deadline for participation, but you will be reminded if time gets close and you haven’t finalized your answers.


VENDORS offer MyStoryMyWay memory books as a value added service to their existing business.
As a vendor, you will offer memory books to your customers. You do not have to do anything other than enter the customer name and email which will generate a code for them to use for that particular book. MyStoryMyWay takes care of everything from there. Your customer will be emailed the code in a “Welcome” email that will allow them to invite participants. Becoming a vendor is an easy way to add to your bottom line with almost no effort. Some examples include:

  • Birthdays / Anniversaries – Party planners can offer the service to customers and include the code in the party invitations.
  • Weddings – Planners can direct the bride to put the code in her “Save the Date,” on invitation inserts among other things. Photographers can add the code to the couples engagement photos viewing part of their site. Any wedding type vendor can be a vendor for MyStoryMyWay. It’s an easy way to add income to your bottom line.
  • Remembrance – The code can be placed in the program handed out at the service and also placed on the online “Guest List” that you offer your customers.

If you have additional questions about creating, purchasing or becoming a vendor for our memory books please view our Frequently Asked Questions section or Contact Us with your questions.