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If you prefer dust cover copy of your book.

This product provides you and your spouse with a memory book written by your guests, friends and family. The easy web based process allows guests to simply respond to questions about you as a couple. All you need to do is share the code (that was generated for you) via your “Save the Date” notices and as an insert in the Wedding Invitation, or on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or your Wedding Website. The sponsor of the book will also receive a “Welcome” email with the code and link to the site to use as an email invitation. You can have as many participants as you like, and there is no cost to them. They will have the option to purchase a copy of your book, but that is not required.

A wedding is not only special for the couple, but for everyone involved in the preparations. Allow all of your guests to participate by inviting them to contribute to a book about you and for you.

There are open ended questions to be answered about you and your fiancée. Not all questions must be answered. The questions were chosen to paint a picture of you, as a couple, from the eyes of your friends and family. The questions range from “how did you meet the couple,” “tell us a funny story about,” “what is your most vivid memory” among others. The sponsor can also add their own questions to further personalize the memory book.

What better way to allow your guests to give you a part of themselves and share their excitement about your wedding day festivities and your future together.

These participants do not need to know each other, since the collecting of memories is done via the web using a login code specifically created for your special day.

Participants / Authors will have the timeframe the sponsor chooses (we recommend from the engagement announcement to the wedding day) to complete their trip down memory lane and pen their stories. The “cut off for print date” is chosen by the sponsor. We recommend the wedding date as the drop date, that way when you return from your honeymoon, you will be able to enjoy the celebration of your engagement and wedding all over again through the eyes of your guests.

One photo can be uploaded by each participant, complete with space for a caption.

On the “cut to print” date, the collective stories will be printed with each question representing a chapter in the book. The authors name will be listed above their response in the memory book.

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